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    Enterprise culture


  • Culture and 5 Founders of Jiajie Group

    Diligence:Diligent and industrious

    Honesty:Honest and trustworthy

    Harmony: Harmony brings wealth

    Less doing:

    Less complaining

    Less blame

    Less excuse

    More doing:

    Multi-pass forward energy

    Learn from your colleagues

    Multi-competitor Learning

    Take responsibility more actively

    Culture and 5 Founders of Jiajie Group

    1. Vision:

    Smart Lighting Products---to enable light to interact with people and nature through intelligent technology for people, and provide a more comfortable and warm lighting scenario.

    Smart Charging products---to make charging faster, safer and more convenient.

    2. Mission:

    Smart Lighting Products---to enable smart lighting to integrate into our life scenarios and provide people

    A more beautiful atmosphere of life.

    Smart Charging Products---to allow people to recharge their batteries anytime, anywhere.

    3. Values for Employees:

    Employees are given the ability and energy to work as partners.

    Create with wisdom and creativity

    Value, and share the value of creation with partners.

    4. Values for the customer:

    Add value to your customers, make them successful, and deliver experiences that exceed customer expectations.

    5. Values for Suppliers:

    Treat suppliers as partners, cherish and care for suppliers ' resources.

    On-time payment, and supply

    To win the business together.